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A loose moose wanders into town and four generations of an Italian/Canadian immigrant family soon realize the moose is not the only one that is displaced and confused. The Tappino family - Rodolfo, Pina, Maria and Giuseppe, left the Mediterranean warmth of Southern Italy, in the early 60's, with no idea of where in the world they were actually headed except that it was somewhere in North America. They soon realized they were probably in the wrong place, when they arrived in Way Up Bay, in Canada. That's bush country north of the icy cold snowy shores of Lake Superior where wind-chill drops winter temperatures below forty Celsius. And did I mention it's cold, there's snow, and there are a lot of moose in Way Up Bay? Now, for those of you not familiar with a moose, it's a rather large brown haired animal with big antlers that stands seven feet at the shoulders, can weigh close to a ton, appears to look dumb or confused, which it may or may not be, and it has feelings too. So, whether you're a moose on the loose or an Italian from Calabria, living in Way Up Bay in Canada, blending in is never easy.

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