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A Great Big Hug

…and a very special thank you to all the Kickstarter Angels who generously donated to this production through KICKSTARTER.COM

Jon and Julie Landau
Liz Broden
Robert Klosterman
Jay and Sherri Gilbert
Ann and Mark Goldblatt
Bart Santorelli and Kate Younger
Wendy Lowe
Miki Herman
Allison Diftler
Sherri and Lenny Ripps
Kathie Barnes
Michael O'Farrell
Nancy Smiler Levinson
Rita Shor
Mark and Gail Chatinksy
Thomas Rosen
Chris Capp and Colm Ryle
Jerry and Greg Pope
Darrell and Jennifer Brand
Gwen Whittle
Annette Blum
Jeffrey Grant
Stuart H. Paster
Jason Gaudio
Helen, Florence and Bernie Smiler
John Refoua
Maysie Hoy



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